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Last Weeks Bamberg Trip
Posted by Sol on 2017-11-18 11:37:56
Thanks for answering. I have thought of combining train and bike, just bike, bus/ train and walking. Five years ago we also traveled in April, but we were lucky with the weather. We cycled Bamberg- Memmelsdorf- Drosenfeld- Merkendorf- kemmern- Bamberg. And yes we visited all the breweries... This time I would prefer to cycle shorter.  And 3-4 beer/ food stops would be enough for the boys if they are cycling. We are all in the  forties - and some of them will  consider themselves well trained and skilled beer drinkers. A dangerous combination ...
                                 Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Jason on  2017-11-18 13:51:42
                                   Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Sol on  2017-11-18 14:50:18
                                     Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by barry on  2017-11-19 09:36:36
                                       Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Sol on  2017-11-19 12:38:12
                                         Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Barry on  2017-11-20 03:13:49
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