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January dilemna
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-11-05 01:09:59
Have you settled on a particular phone? I can only say that I was an HTC man from the start til it died on me in August. HTC is like the underdog, which I support in all things, going back to to the Minnesota Vikings fandom of my youth. But a replacement HTC wasn't in the cards, as Deutsche Telekom have dropped them. Appears to be a a "dead firm walking" or summat.

And so it was on to the Samsung S7 (not "Edge" though) for my replacement. And it's brill, as the yoof say. Highly recommended, unless you're one of them Apple sorts.

Mrs will also be going Samsung when she gives her iPhone 6  thingy (from work) back later this month. She'll likely get a smaller one than the S7 though, having smaller hands.
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