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36 Kreisla -- Bamberg Landkreisbier
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2018-08-18 04:26:15
The idea comes from the district administrator (Landrat) of the Landkreis Bamberg (the surroundings of Bamberg). The idea is to find 3 breweries which brew together (in one of these breweries) a "Landkreis Bier". The name "36 Kreisla" refers to the 36 administration villages of the Landkreis Bamberg. We have more small villages, but they are summarizend to administration units with only one major. P.e. administration unit: Memmelsdorf with the villages Memmelsdorf, Merkendorf, Drosendorf, Kremmeldorf. Laubend, Lichteneiche,
Meedensdorf, Schmerldorf and Weichendorf.

Each year since 2015 three different breweries have brewed different beers and different styles. They are only available in this 3 breweries. Sometimes they have brewed  further issues.

The 2018 edition will be a not filtered Kellerbier, brewed by the
Aichinger, Heiligenstadt i. OFr.,
Hübner, Steinfeld 
Ott, Oberleinleiter,
The "Anstich" party will be on the: 30 September 2018 in the Bauernmuseum in Frensdorf. After this event You have to visit one of these breweries to taste it. I don't know if they will fill it in bottles. In the last years the 36Kreisla was available also in bottles, but only sold in the brewpubs.
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