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Last Weeks Bamberg Trip
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2017-11-15 13:32:09
Good report Dave.  I pretty much have the same opinions of all the beers you listed.  I also really like the beers at Hummel.  Their Helles and Dunkle bock biers are my favorite bocks.  Glad you also had a chance to hang out with Gregor at Spezial.  He is my favorite Slovenian ... well he's the only Slovenian but that's beside the point.
     Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Mark Andersen on  2017-11-15 13:32:38
       Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by David on  2017-11-15 14:06:26
       Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Sol on  2017-11-15 14:11:28
         Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by David on  2017-11-15 16:08:32
         Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Mark Andersen on  2017-11-15 16:34:44
           Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Jason  on  2017-11-16 01:54:40
             Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by David on  2017-11-16 02:02:16
           Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Nick B. on  2017-11-16 02:17:57
           Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Barry on  2017-11-16 03:03:56
             Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by David on  2017-11-16 03:07:00
               Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by David on  2017-11-16 03:07:35
               Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by David on  2017-11-16 03:09:51
       Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Sol on  2017-11-16 07:56:22
         Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Jason on  2017-11-16 13:29:25
           Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Sol on  2017-11-16 13:34:26
             Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Jason on  2017-11-16 13:47:21
             Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Nick B. on  2017-11-16 16:20:35
               Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Barry on  2017-11-17 01:38:41
                 Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Sol on  2017-11-17 10:04:05
                   Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by barry on  2017-11-17 12:01:24
                     Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Sol on  2017-11-17 13:30:39
                       Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by barry on  2017-11-18 09:00:42
                         Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Sol on  2017-11-18 09:09:41
                           Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by David on  2017-11-18 09:18:33
                             Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Jason on  2017-11-18 11:15:33
                               Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Sol on  2017-11-18 11:37:56
                                 Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Jason on  2017-11-18 13:51:42
                                   Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Sol on  2017-11-18 14:50:18
                                     Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by barry on  2017-11-19 09:36:36
                                       Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Sol on  2017-11-19 12:38:12
                                         Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Barry on  2017-11-20 03:13:49
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