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Mahr's U brewed in UK?
Posted by Jason on 2018-02-13 01:04:57
Worse than all this in my view was a trend that I hope has died a death in the UK microbrewing scene - such rubbish as 'cask' lager. What a load of nonsense that was. Sure the beer was often ok but the concept... 

In terms of brewing German styles in the UK I have nothing against it so long as they are done properly. They do a generally pretty good job in the US so no reason why not, though their lager histoiry stretches back a long way. The Zoigl terminlology is a nonsense though; it's not a style of beer it's a brewing tradition that really cannot be exactly replicated outside of the Oberpfalz. Ignorence fueling more ignorence. 

Finally, Mahr. I was in the pub last week for the first time in 8 months or so. Both the Helles and U were uninspiring shadows of their former selves. Perhaps Herr Michel should focus on getting them back to their best before looking farther afield. Of course, Bamberg is revered amoung beer drinkers who have been here but it remains relatively unknown to most of the drinking world so using the brand in the UK is somewhat optimistic in my view. I'm not fussed either way, good luck to them - it may turn out to be better than what we get here!
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